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Welcome to SPAS 3.0 Website

The Swing Package for ActionScript (aka SPAS 3.0) provides a set of Open Source classes for building Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and graphic user interfaces (GUI) with the Flash© Platform.

Swing Package for ActionScript 3.0

SPAS will give you a new and easy solution to adapt the Flash© Platform abilities to your needs.

SPAS 3.0 is fully compatible with:

  • Adobe AIR,
  • Flash CS4, Flash CS5,
  • Flex 3 and Flash Builder,
  • The Open Source Flex SDK,
  • FDT, Eclipse and FlashDevelop.
SPAS 3.0 Compatibility

Why to use SPAS?

SPAS 3.0 provides the following benefits for Web applications developers:

  • Ease of use – Using the SPAS APIs are extremely easy. APIs are designed as high level APIs that allow very little coding. All the different SPAS syntaxes are similar to the related ActionScript syntaxes. This will allow you to quickly start building your own Web applications based on the Flash Platform.
  • Performance - SPAS is a really lightweight framework. Websites built with it are both lighter and more ergonomic than others. Moreover, it will let you totally take control of your applications by the integration of a native event handling support.
  • Workflow enhancement – SPAS enables separation of content and presentation. All User Interfaces Object classes (UIO) have their own pluggables “Look And Feel”. This allows developers to wrap their applications without focusing on the final graphic design.