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The Coffee Shop API provides to the Flash Platform developers a complete set of tools to create tansitions between bitmap images.

You can use the Coffee Shop API to create slideshows, transitions between the different views of an application, rotating banners, ads, SMIL-based applications...

The granularity of the Coffee Shop API provides classes with a high level of integration and low-level classes to let ActionScript developers create custom modules for their own projects or applications.

Flash Vector Animations: The Mobile Disease

Since computers are more powerful and Flash animations are made by Graphic Designers, Flash ads are very CPU-intensive and require more memory that they should. But the fact is that Mobile Devices, especially smartphones, are less powerful than Desktop computers.

The direct consequence is that many people start to turn off the automatic launch of Flash animations in the Android settings. To prevent the generalization of this behavior, we need to rethink the way we create "10 seconds applications" for Mobile Devices.

The article "Optimizing Flash Ads", by Thibault Imbert, shows some of the techniques to prevent excessive use of CPU and memory. The article points the use of vector animations as the most significative issue in the CPU cycles management.

The dilemma here comes from the nature of the Flash Player, which has been specially designed to create vector animations over the Web.

But with Mobile devices, we have got to consider a new way to use the Flash Player, according to the differences between Mobile and traditional CPUs. So, the best way to deal with management of Mobile CPUs and memory is to use blitting techniques.

The Coffee Shop API has been designed by integrating these techniques.
The following sample application shows the efficiency of "Pixel Blitting" with the Flash Platofrm:

Get Adobe Flash player

Blitting Transitions Sample: 500x500 px, 72 dpi, 160 ko.
Download this example (Zip file, 276 Ko)

Moreover, the benchmarks show that transitions made with the Coffee Shop API are faster than vector animations built with Flash, and faster than HTML5 transitions too.


The Coffee Shop API is a pure ActionScript 3 library. It means that it is compatible whith all the technologies of the Flash Platform:

  • Flash CS4 and CS5,
  • Flex 3,
  • Flash Builder,
  • AIR,
  • The Free Flex SDK.
Coffee Shop API Compatilibity

The Coffee Shop API is compatible with the Flash Player 10; but most of the transitions available in the org.flashapi.coffeeshop.coffeebean package are compatible with the Flash Player 9.


Coffee Shop SDK

The Coffee Shop SDK has the tools, sample code, and docs you need to create bitmap transitions.

To download the Free Coffee Shop SDK, go to the "Download Manager" section, then select the CoffeeShop API tab.

Latest milestone:
Version RC2 (Zip file, 2.0 Mo)


Since SPAS 3.0 alpha 6.1, the Coffee Shop API is included within the SPAS library component.

Built-in Tools

The "Built-in Tools" section provides Web developers a free collection of SWF files, or Flash components, for easily creating banners or slideshows based on the Coffee Shop API.

This section is under construction.

Online Documentation

Espresso Machine

The SPAS 3.0 Online Reference contains the documentation for all the classes of the Coffee Shop API, including the org.flashapi.coffeeshop.coffeemachine package.

In addition to the Online Reference manual, the Espresso Machine application provides a full overview of the transitions available in the Coffee Shop API.

Technical Resources

Under construction.

This section provides articles, tutorials, sample code, and other information to help you quickly implement the features you want in your application.

SMIL Integration

The Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL, pronounced "smile") enables simple authoring of interactive audiovisual presentations. SMIL is typically used for "rich media"/multimedia presentations which integrate streaming audio and video with images, text or any other media type.

Reference: W3C Website

The Coffee Shop API implements SMIL transitions, as defined by the SMIL 3.0 Transition Effects section of the W3C.

To check the SMIL transitions already implemented by the Coffee Shop API, you can go to the SMIL transitions section, in the SPAS 3.0 Online Reference

Blog Articles

The following articles, which talk about the Coffee Shop API, have been published in the News section of this Web site:


You can download all the Coffee Shop API logos from the SPAS 3.0 Press Center section of this site. (All logos are in 300 dpi PNG format.)

Musical Influences

Je suis désolé by Mark Knopfler, feat Sonny Landreth.
from DVD: A night in London - 1996


Under construction.

List of Web sites and projects that use the Coffee Shop API:

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