Mischa Barton's Unofficial E-Book

Mischa Barton's Unofficial E-Book

The story

In early 2007, I have met the movie producer and billionaire Tarak Ben Ammar to discuss about SPAS 3.0 possibilities in the movies distribution workflow.

To demonstrate SPAS 3.0 functionalities, I needed to create a rich sample application. As Tarak was the producer of Roman Polanski's Pirate, of one of my favorite movies, my first idea was to build an application inspired from this picture. But it was very difficult to find visual material from this movie because it was not available in DVD in 2007.

But in early 2007, Tarak was finishing post-production of his new movie, Virgin Territory, starring...
...Mischa Barton.

That is the reason why I have decided to create the following sample application:

Mischa Barton's Unofficial E-Book

The first version of the e-book was built directly from the Flash IDE timeline, but the current one is compiled from the Free Flex compiler. It has been improved and is built on top of an unreleased SPAS 3.0 version (alpha 5.2 nb).

The application

Experience the application: Mischa Barton's Unofficial E-Book

  • Author: Pascal ECHEMANN
  • Publication date: 26/03/2007
  • Needed SPAS 3.0 release: alpha 5.0 nb2
  • Needed Flash Player version: 10.0
  • Size: 194 Ko

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By radama2011-04-23 10:53:04
Thanks to developers of SPAS.It will be fine if the code source is included not just experience the application
By gleb2010-11-08 10:38:43
First, big THANKS to developers of SPAS!!) I like that many elements of GUI can be moved like windows, and designed elegant) BUt now im not a professional in AS 3.0 and just studying it) its great that is SPAS with many UI elemnts that can be combined and easy-to-use)much lov)

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