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Coffee Shop API

Coffee Shop API

A Blitting Transition API

Some of you guys have probably seen a new set of packages in the last release of the SPAS 3.0 API reference: the Coffee Shop API.

Last year, I have introduced a small package in the SPAS API, based upon the Flipping Grid Transition developed by Senocular.
The idea was to build a convenient and free-to-use API for building image-based transitions. I thought that this kind of work would be very helpful to let developers create advertisings or rotating banners, without the help of graphic designers.

But since the past few weeks everybody is talking about "blitting animations" for Flash. This proves two things:

  1. Most of the Flash developers should use my Inspiration Tool.
  2. The Flash community is really involved in developing applications for mobile devices.

So, considering the second point, I have decided to develop a "blitting transition" API instead of another transition tool, as those you can already find by hundreds on the Web.

Gimme more coffee please!

One of the specificities of this API is that it provides both low and high level APIs. It means that developers can create fast some applications by using transition manager tools, or build their own management system or transition effects.

Built-in Tools

The Coffee Shop API will be availble in an autonomous library (CoffeeShop.swc), or included within the SPAS 3.0 default library.

The Coffee Shop version shared with the SPAS 3.0 library provides an additional package (org.flashapi.coffeeshop.coffeemachine) which contains built-in tools to let developers easilly work with transitions.

The SFW file below shows one of these tools: the EspressoMachine class.

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The Coffee Shop API should be available in the SPAS 3.0 alpha 6.1 release.

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