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By romeo2011-03-29 04:50:57
I tried SPAS and do the tutorials. But i could not get it to work like the one at
By Pascal2011-01-05 21:07:50
The ListEvent.ITEM_CLICKED is not implementd yet by all Listable objects. You should use the ListEvent.LIST_CHANGED event instead. Please add this issue to the bug tracker if you want to see this functionality in the next release.
By R Rockafellow2011-01-05 20:34:47
Trying to add an event listener to handle a mouse click on the nav menu(LinkBar).However it returns a value of null when trying to get the itemPressed value from the ListEvent.-----------eventCollector.addEvent(_menu,ListEvent.ITEM_CLICKED, onMenuClick)}private function onMenuClick(evt:ListEvent):void{trace("item clicked: " evt.itemPressed);}

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