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New Inspiration Tool

New Inspiration Tool

Lack of inspiration

Since few months, I Have absolutely nothing to do;
and I must abort all the projects I start after two or three months, because of the huge investments in innovation of the US Web companies (Google, Facebook...).

But the much bigger problem here is that it seems that I have no longer imagination!

So I have decided to seriously consider this issues and to solve the problem by creating an "Inspiration Tool".

My solution to have new ideas

After some searches on Google, I suddenly remembered that having an idea is often associated to incandescent lamp bulbs. I thought that if I had an incandescent lamp bulb to turn on each time I need a new Idea, this might be a good approach for finding the solution to my problem!

At this point, we can make two observations:

  1. I'm probably absolutely insane.
  2. Maybe it is a good thing if I have no more ideas.

But the fact is that I have built an "Inspiration Tool" prototype last night, and here is the result:

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I don't know if this application will help me to get more imagination, but I know now why I cannot find a real job!

You can download the source of this application by cliking here.

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By Adam2011-07-12 22:47:42
I understand your pain. A little bit of an over-kill on the light bulb, but I love doing that kind of stuff when I'm bored as well.

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