SPAS 6.3 Release and Tutorial Update

SPAS 6.3 Release and Tutorial Update

Today, we are proud to announce the release of SPAS 3.0 version alpha 6.3.

By the way, we have updated the white paper "Creating Rich Internet Applications for Free" to let it work with latest version and take advantage of the new SPAS 3.0 functionalities.

You can experience the application created in this tutorial at: SPAS 3.0 3D Cubic Form V2

SPAS 3.0 Future

In addition to common updates, for bug fixes and API improvements, we have planned to add four major changes in the coming releases:

  • the addition of a new framework, Spas Community Exchanges (SCX, org.flashapi.scx), which will contain robust and free OOP applications built on the SPAS 3.0 API
  • the implementation of a strong MVC framework, probably based on the Cairngorm structure model
  • the addition of an updateMetrics() method to the LookAndFeel interface, to let L&F classes deal with elements positioning within a visual control
  • the ability to change the font for controls and the use of embeded fonts, despite of the specified L&F class

We will also add some minor functionalities, such as:

  • the addition of a specific container object to take advantage of the new ActionScript Workers API
  • the integration of formatters for text imput controls
  • creation of a "list" control, based on the SPAS 3.0 Composite Framework
  • etc.

Opening of the Video Section

The new video section will be online soon and will contain a lot of video tutorials to help developers to take charge the SPAS 3.0 framework. All videos will be available in english.

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