A new SPAS 3.0 milestone release is available

A new SPAS 3.0 milestone release is available

A new SPAS 3.0 milestone release is available

The SPAS 3.0 alpha 5.2 release introduces a very important feature: all SPAS 3.0 Look and Feel classes use now a loosely coupled mechanism. It means that:

  • no additional parameters are required by Look and Feel methods; now developers can create their own Look and Feels with the assurance that they will always work, independently of the SPAS 3.0 upcoming versions,
  • SPAS 3.0 Look and Feel references can be stored in very light-weight external shared libraries.

About SPAS 3.0 documentation

Some improvements have been made and the documentation for all Look and Feel classes is now available. The UIObject documentation has been rewrote in correct english.

According to the Agile Manifesto: Working software over comprehensive documentation.

But everyone that is interested in using SPAS 3.0 is invited to help us to improve the documentation and to particulary take care of respecting english language. (Which is not the case with the current one.)


To submit a bug, please use the SPAS 3.0 Bug Tracker. You need to have a registred account to submit bugs.
If you already have been regitred by using the old version of the Bug Managment System, you can use your loggin and password to submit bugs with the new version.

SPAS 3.0 upcoming releases

In the upcoming release, we will focus on the the DataGrid class.

The current DataGrid class uses a physical scrolling process to scroll the amount of data. The next one will use a virtual scrolling process to allow the display of a very large amount of data.

To have an overview on SPAS 3.0 development focuses, you can check the SPAS 3.0 Project Backlog page.


There is no wishlist section avaible on this Website at the moment. So, if you want to see paricular functionalities implemented in future SPAS 3.0 releases, you can send us an E-mail by the Contact Page Form, with "Request" as subject.

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