SPAS 3.0 DataGrid Item Renderers

SPAS 3.0 DataGrid Item Renderers

In our previous article, SPAS 3.0 Item Renderers, we introduced the new SPAS 3.0 Item Renderers API and its different implementations.

Today, we are please to show you the brand new version of the DataGrid class, which enables developers to create fully customizable item renderers for displaying data.

Moreover, we have redesigned the datagrid to improve and simplify how to change the style options.

New DataGrid Class Sample

The following sample application shows some of the new functionalities of the DataGrid class:

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You can download the source code for this sample application by clicking here.
Remember that item renderers capabilities will be available in the SPAS 3.0 alpha 6.4 release.

New DataGrid Class Performances

Adding item renderer capabilities to the SPAS 3.0 API was a major and essential improvement. But it was more important to preserve the framework performances, specially on components such as the datagrid.

So, we have paid particular attention regarding this point and we are proud to announce that performances have been improved with the latest version of the DataGrid class.

The application below, extract from the "Developers Section", has been rebuilt from the original source code, to illustrate that point:

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What's Next

Before releasing the SPAS 3.0 alpha 6.4 version, we have to add item renderers to the list classes (ListBox, ComboBoxComboBox, etc.). Then, in the version 6.5, we will add the Tree class and a new TileContainer class, which will be compatible with the upcoming SPAS 3.0 Mobile API.

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