Working on part 2 of "Full Flash Website" tutorial

Working on part 2 of

The story

Since I have published the first part of the tutorial Creating Full Flash Websites with SPAS 3.0, many developers are waiting forward to the second part of the series: Integrating HTML Pages.

If you have read "Wrapping HTML into Flash" before, you already know that the idea of integrating HTML files within Flash application is not something new to me. But as SPAS 3.0 is so huge and needs so many time to work on it, that I thought we could use existing projects to do this stuff.

Unfortunately, the TLFX project is apparently abandoned; and others similar projects are not stable enough, or easy-to-use. But remember that HTML is just a kind of universal text files presentation. What we need here is to easilly update our Flash content and to ensure graceful degradation (see Wrapping HTML into Flash).

So, I have decided to include a HTML pages integration API to SPAS 3.0. The new API is inside the org.flashapi.swing.html package and will be available with SPAS 3.0 alpha 5.5. It is based on the new Text Layout Framework, version 2.0.

The sample application

The HTML API is still under development, but it is robust enough to demonstrate what I have tried to explain in the Wrapping HTML into Flash article.

"Evil Mime" animation, © 2010 by Mudbubble LLC and Chris GEORGENES; used by courtesy of Chris GEORGENES.

(Last update: March 7, 2011.)

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The preceding sample application loads and renders this XHTML 1.0 strict page within a basic SPAS 3.0 application. It has been compiled from the following code:

package {
	import org.flashapi.swing.*;
	import org.flashapi.swing.constants.*;
	import org.flashapi.swing.html.*;
	public class TestHtmlPage extends Application {
		public function TestHtmlPage():void {
		private function init():void {
			var canvas:Canvas = new Canvas(); = this.stage;
			var pg:BasicHtmlPage = new BasicHtmlPage(600);
			pg.borderStyle = BorderStyle.SOLID;

You can download the source code and the XHTML/CSS files here.

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