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SPAS 3.0 Developers Section

SPAS 3.0 Open Source Initiative

This section provides information about the SPAS 3.0 Open Source Initiative.

SPAS 3.0 Development Preview

The Development Preview section contains some code parts that illustrate new and upcoming SPAS 3.0 functionality.

SPAS 3.0 Development Tools

The Development Tools section includes a variety of custom tools that help you develop applications with SPAS 3.0.

SPAS 3.0 Project Backlog

The Project Backlog is a prioritized list of SPAS 3.0 requirements with a rough size and complexity estimate of each requirement.

SPAS 3.0 API Globalization

English US   French   Chinese   German   Japanese   Russian

We are currently working to strongly implement Globalization processes within the SPAS 3.0 API.

If you would like to see some specific languages implemented as core parts of SPAS 3.0, you can participate and help us to extend the localization API.