SPAS 3.0 Project Backlog


The Project Backlog is a prioritized list of SPAS 3.0 requirements with a rough size and complexity estimate of each requirement.

This is an informative section for SPAS 3.0 users and developers to let them get an overview on SPAS 3.0 Development Team priorities.

Bugs and requests submited by users and developers can make change to the Project Backlog.

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Project Backlog

Level Item # Description Est Status
priority 1 Finish and improve the DatePicker Class 500 unsolved
priority 2 Finish the KnobButton class. 180 unsolved
hight 3 Implement a multi-thumbs structure for the Slider class. 350 unsolved
hight 4 Create a ScrollableManager class to manage all objects that implement scroll bars. 300 unsolved
hight 5 Most of all methods that override the UIObject getBounds() and getRect() methods do not use the targetCoordinateSpace property to determines the relative coordinates. 100 unsolved
medium 6 Create a TreeList class. 300 unsolved
medium 7 Delete Look and Feel classes stacks when all associated UI objects have been deleted. 280 unsolved
medium 8 Extend the skin implentation to all controls. 200 unsolved
medium 9 Implement the thickness property for the Separator class. 50 unsolved
low 10 Create a picture flow object to replace the BitmaFlow class. 250 unsolved
low 11 Create a new carousel class. 250 unsolved
low 12 Create a specific set of text components that implement the text Layout Framework. 150 unsolved
low 13 Add HTML-like tabulation support 50 unsolved
low 14 Create all Look and Feel classes for the basic, wireframe and accessibility packages. 50 unsolved
low --- Finish and improve the DataGrid Class 500 solved
low --- Implement the UIContainer.addElementAt() method. 500 solved
low --- Improve destroying processes for all UI objects. 450 solved
low --- Improve the ListBox and ComboBox classes by using virual item display on the same model as the DataGrid class. 400 solved
low --- Use LadDTO objects instead of UIObject references in the Look And Feel mechanism. 300 solved
low --- Replace all Look and Fell methods parameters by a LadDTO object reference. 150 solved
low --- Optimize the WebsafeColorPicker refresh() method. 10 solved
low --- Optimize all Look and Feel classes. 10 solved
low --- Improve the documentation. 5 solved