SPAS 3.0 API Globalization


We are currently working to strongly implement Globalization processes within the SPAS 3.0 API.

At present, we have two main lines of work:

  • Internationalization of the private API to allow developers to work in their own language.
  • Implementation of globalization capabilities to create multi-language RIAs.

The classes that define the private API internationalization are located within the org.flashapi.swing.framework.locale package.

The classes that define globalization capabilities are located within the org.flashapi.swing.localization package.

Current available languages

Language Core API UI Globalization LAF Globalization
English US English US Enabled Enabled Enabled
French French Not enabled Enabled Enabled
Chinese Chinese Not enabled Not enabled Not enabled
German German Not enabled Not enabled Not enabled
Japanese Japanese Not enabled Not enabled Not enabled
Russian Russian Not enabled Not enabled Not enabled

Help us to extend the localization API

This section contains links to APIs that should be translated in priority to the languages specified in the preeceding section.

The following classes represent the Core localization API:

Package Globalization capabilities
org.flashapi.swing.framework.locale Classes for setting the default language of the core API. Default language of the core API: English-US. Sets the language for error messages thrown by the core API. Sets the language for labels displayed by default on the face of SPAS 3.0 controls.

The following classes represent the UI Globalization API:

Package Globalization capabilities Classes for formatting of dates and times.
org.flashapi.swing.localization.validation Classes for formatting of validation services.

Help us to extend the LAF Globalization

Chinese   Japanese

As the SPAS 3.0 Look and Feel implementation has been designed to reduce the size of SWF files, we need some specific advices concerning integration asian Websafe fonts. If you would like to use SPAS 3.0 with Chinese and Japanese glyphes, feel free to contact us.

Other languages

If you would like to see some specific languages implemented as core parts of SPAS 3.0 API, you can participate and help us to extend the localization API.

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