The org.flashapi.swing.html package contains classes and interfaces for rendering HTML pages within the SPAS 3.0 API.

The org.flashapi.swing.html package has been especially designed to be used with the Adobe Text Layout Framework version 2.0.

 BasicHtmlPage [This class is under development.] The BasicHtmlPage class create a container that enables loading and displaying XHTML and CSS files within a SPAS 3.0 application.
 BasicHtmlParser The BasicHtmlParser class is a utility class for converting XHTML files to the TextLayout markup language.
 CssFormatResolver [This class is under development.] The CssFormatResolver class allows to use a valid StyleSheet object to format a TextFlow instance.
 CssReference CssReference objects contains a representation of style sheet references specified by the link tags of a XHTML document.
 EmptyElement EmptyElement class creates a visual representation of an InlineGraphicElement which has occured an error while loading an image file.