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Window component - Background transparency

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Post date 03-13-2012, 13:48
Is it possible to manipulate alpha for background of inner container in Window Component?

How to do this for border and title bar of window?

Content attached to window should stay with its own alpha setting.

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Post date 03-15-2012, 13:43
Yes it is.

You can manipulate 3 different properties to set the window opacity:
- windowOpacity, which sets the chrome opcacity,
- backgroundAlpha, which sets the background opcacity,
- innerPanelOpacity, which sets the inner panel opcacity.

So, the you code need is:
var w:Window = new Window("My Window", 400, 300) ;
w.windowOpacity = .25;
w.backgroundAlpha = w.innerPanelOpacity = 0;
w.display() ;

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Join Date: 2012-01-23
Posts: 24
Post date 03-20-2012, 14:30
thanks! it works!

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