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ListBox component - problem with multiple selection

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Join Date: 2012-01-23
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Post date 03-20-2012, 14:18
How does multiple selection in ListBox component works?
If i set it like this:

var myList = new ListBox();
myList.multiple = true;

then i am not able to select any value from the list.

Join Date: 2008-12-01
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Post date 03-21-2012, 13:54
Sorry, this functionality has not been implemented yet with the ListBox class.
As it is the same behaviour as the DataGrid class, I will add it in the next release (6.3 stable). The next release fixes 2 major bugs in the Datagrid and lisBox classes, and the issue with the font size in buttons selected states. It'll also contain 3 new components: MobileSpinner, MobileNumericStepper and MobileDateSelect.

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Post date 02-03-2020, 18:25
Some of these errors occur because you are using the ASC2 compiler. SPAS 3.0 migration has been planned to be released only after the new Item Renderers APIs will be available.
Anyway, the piece of code _isInitialized = true is a nasty bug; thx a lot for submitting.
I've fixed the target initialization errors. This part has been designed to [url=][color=#000000]enable[/color][/url] the use of SPAS UIObjects as Flash IDE runtime components.
But the fact is that you won't be able to use the SPAS API with the new ASC2 compiler at this time. Some sections, such as the return statements placed in the middle of a function code, have to be redesigned. It is the same for some boolean auto-casted parts, and so on..


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