BananaTree Design Releases "Swing Package for ActionScript" (SPAS 3.0) as Open Source

Core Open Source SPAS 3.0 Technologies Now Available for Rich Internet, Desktop and Mobile Applications

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, French Riviera — December 2011, 12 — BananaTree Design today announced that source code for "Swing Package for ActionScript" is released as open source. This initiative will let developers worldwide participate in the growth of the most flexible framework for building cross-operating system applications for the Web (RIAs) and enabling applications for the desktop and mobile devices (AIR). The open source SPAS API is available under the GNU General Public licence version 3 (GNU-GPL).

This announcement expands on BananaTree Design commitment to open technology initiatives, including the contribution of source code for the CoffeeShop, Mobile, GData, EventCollector and several other APIs. By committing to releasing SPAS 3.0 API source code to developers as open source, BananaTree Design is embracing collaboration with the worldwide developer community and enabling other open source projects to take full advantage of the powerful capabilities of the SPAS 3.0 API.

Using the GNU-GPL for open sourcing SPAS will allow full and free access to source code. Developers will be able to freely download, extend, and contribute to the source code for the SPAS 3.0 API and all associated projects. BananaTree Design also will continue to make the SPAS 3.0 API and other SPAS products available under commercial licenses, allowing partners and customers to choose the license terms that best suit their requirements.

The open source licensing of SPAS 3.0 is part of an initiative to engage the community in the creation of SPAS technology. Starting last year with the annoucement of the open source "Leonardo Framework for Education", BananaTree Design will post daily software builds of the SPAS 3.0 API on its public download site with a public bug database.

For more information on the terms of the GNU-GPL and how to contribute to the open source SPAS initiative, please visit the SPAS 3.0 Open Source Initiative page.

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