Creating Rich Internet Applications for Free

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Creating Rich Internet Applications for Free

This tutorial is out of date, please read the latest version: Creating Rich Internet Applications for Free, second Edition.

The sample application discussed in this article shows you how to create a payment form that successively displays three different views.

The first view allows users to complete personal information. The second one is used to complete credit card information, and the third displays a simple information message. The payment operation can be canceled at any time, and the payment form can be displayed by clicking on a button.

The 3D Cubic Form

The Flex Cube application

The "SPAS 3.0 3D Cubic Form" application is freely inspired from the Flex Cube sample application developed in 2008 by UNIC8 Studios

Follow this link to experience the UNIC8 Studios "Flex Cube application" (1.56 Mo).

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By Al Mathews2011-04-23 18:58:19
I can not find any flashapi.constant "Position" reference nor properties "RIGHT, LEFT, TOP". I'm finding all the other classes including constants just no Position. Has something changed?
By Pascal2011-04-24 12:08:53
The Position class is no longer available since SPAS 5.5. You have to use the Direction class instead to set the direction property of CubicView objects.

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